Let’s start Performance Test analysis with Grinder Analyzer

To generate performance analysis I found Grinder Analyzer. Some step to start:

  1. Download and unzip Grinder Analyzer
  2. Download jython_installer-2.2.1.jar (at least version 2.2.1)
  3. Install jython: java -jar jython_installer-2.2.1.jar (I suggest the “All” installation type)
  4. Create the run.bat batch:
    set CLASSPATH=…\grinderAnalyzer.V2.b10\lib\commons-collections-3.2.jar
    …\Jython-2.2.1\jython.bat run.py %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
  5. To run: run “data_agent-10.log” out_agent-10.log [# of agents]

The number of agents is an optional multiplier you can apply to the bandwidth and transactions per second graphs. Other options in …\grinderAnalyzer.V2.b10\conf\analyzer.properties. The output generated report will be in …\grinderAnalyzer.V2.b10\grinderReport directory.


One Response to “Let’s start Performance Test analysis with Grinder Analyzer”

  1. Andruschuk Borislav Says:

    Do not forget about the GrinderStone Eclipse plugin. It allows to debug and create Grinder scripts in a fast way. Check it out from

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