Agile practices: Sprint review meeting (Demo!)

Leaded by the Team Members and attended by Product Owner, anyone can join (usually the customer make invitations).


  • Business level demo, if the software has no UI encourage the team to create it;
  • No use of long ppt presentations and let the audience try;
  • Use standard, shared and known tools (wiki, team room, …);
  • Begin with a clear presentation of goal;
  • Be informative (e.g. show graph to explain performance improvements, etc.);
  • Bringing food to a meeting (such as biscuits) is a good way to relax people and make the meeting friendlier, a nice way to break up a long meeting or to encourage to arrive on time;
  • If possible, use informal or funny elements (pic, example, …) to get an entertaining and amusing atmosphere.

Finalize the demo:

  • On the last day of iteration finalize demo (everyone have to play a part!):
  • Clarify which stories are complete and ready to demo;
  • Decide on a running order for presenting the stories;
  • Agree who will be presenting which stories;
  • Schedule the activities to finalize and organize a run-through to rehearse the demo (don’t undervalue preparation!);
  • Reconnaissance of the demo room: network connectivity, proxy, browser version, projector, whiteboard, …;
  • Technical check of the demo test environment: integration status, software configuration, build version,… .

Demo Agenda:

  • Introduction for the customer (overview of goal and user stories chosen) using standard team’s tools (wiki, …);
  • Demonstrate stories and ensure that positive and negative feedbacks are captured (use cards or other sheets, whiteboard can distract the audience);
  • Review the main points with the group to check none has been missed, these can be used for next iterations;
  • Celebrate!

Other references: It’s all about marketing.


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